Concrete Foundations

We are proud to serve many of the major home builders around Sault Ste. Marie on a full time basis for all of their foundation needs.

At Ontario Concrete we use an aluminum panel based forming system which provides both a superior finish as well as a structurally sound product. We also install, pour and place Insulated Concrete Foundations (ICF).  No matter what the height, size, or complexity of the foundation for the house of your dreams or budget our foundation crew with more than 100 years of combined experience is available to meet or surpass your expectations. We understand that foundations are not only a costly step in the building process, but also an essential element in ensuring a quality end product to you the consumer. Not only do we stand by our product but we ensure your satisfaction is lasting.

Our Services Include:

  • Form footings and step footings both commercial and residential for all wall height variations and layout complexities
  • Weeping tile and stoning to ensure proper drainage of ground water
  • Watchdog rubberized waterproofing compound allowing for a fast and worry free backfill
  • Form 4, 5, and 8 foot panels allow for a variety of wall heights and layouts from the simplest box to a complex walkout basement or commercial building

  • ICF foundations of virtually any layout and complexity

  • Build-outs tailored to your specifications to allow for stone work and masonry

  • Concrete chain saw and ring saw for door cuts, window cuts, or additions

  • Experience in a variety of restorative products to have your old foundation looking new

  • Complete reinforcing steel (rebar) placement and installation by our own highly-skilled rodmen

  • Cast in Place aqueduct structures, headwalls, retaining walls, barrier-free access ramps and stairs, concrete amphitheaters, stages, suspended decks, etc.

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