Concrete Countertops

Concrete what? If you are still waiting on that affordable but comparable alternative to granite or marble, look no further. These countertops can be poured in house, taking home customization to a new level. Poured to any desired thickness, formed to your specification, coloured to your desire, and made to shine like the granite you used to want, you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t think of this earlier. There is nothing generic about these beautiful pieces of work. The form work will be tailored to your house, the thickness of the countertop won’t leave you looking for pennies under the bed, and the application of the staining or colouring will leave the concrete resembling a one of a kind slab of granite or wood. The bottom line is that your countertop will be one of a kind.

Our Services Include:

  • All form work
    • Kitchen counters, multi-tiered bars, table tops
    • Virtually any desired layout
    • Corbels to allow for extensions and sitting areas
  • All pouring and Finishing
  • Acid Staining Application
  • Epoxy Application