Apex concrete pumping

Apex Concrete Pumping offers concrete pumping services to Sault Ste. Marie and the surrounding area. We cater to both residential building and commercial construction markets, with our pumping equipment readily available for quick deployment to serve any project. With experienced operators who have tackled various challenges such as pumping from barges, onto roofs, underwater, and over rivers, Apex Concrete Pumping is well-equipped to handle any task. Our boom mounted pumps, along with their in-line pump, provide cost-effective concrete placement solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial projects, allowing for quick setup, efficient pumping, and hassle-free cleanup, saving clients time and money. By utilizing our pumps, clients also benefit from reduced manpower requirements. With a strong emphasis on safety, Apex Concrete Pumping’s staff are well-versed in safety orientations and proper safety procedures, making us the ideal choice for a safe jobsite environment.


  • ICI and residential
  • 28, 38, and 41 meter concrete pumps
  • 90-foot pitman crane
  • 0-8 ton crane rating
  • Mechanical, empty tanks
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