There has been a big push in the Sault and surrounding areas by home builders and lumber yard salesman to turn your back on over 100 years of proven traditional forming technology. Yes, we are talking about insulated foundations and their self proclaimed ease of use and energy savings.

The problem we have with all this is that we care a great deal about our customers, past, present, and future.  So much so that we can’t stand to see people unknowingly directed away from serious potential future problems for a host of promises that you make quickly regret.

We still want you to make your own decision when it comes to your foundation, but we want you to make the right one. We have taken it upon ourselves to thoroughly research this product and provide you with the facts as well as include our foundation expertise.

Brochure: Get the Inside Story on Insulated FoundartionsCheck out our article here or check it out in the June, 2012 edition of Our Homes Magazine Algoma.
Give it a read and talk about it. We are confident you will be able to come to your own conclusions, and given all the facts, the right ones. Should you have any questions, we are a phone call away.